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Indian Furniture Industry Trends in 2017

According to the latest research report released by TechSci Research, the Indian furniture market is supposed to cross the USD32 billion mark by 2019. There are many reasons for this rapid growth. Some of them include the rising disposable income, growing number of urban households, and the expansion of middle class in the country. The increase in tourist arrivals and the expansion in the hospitality segment are also considered reasons for the rise. This article provides information on the Indian furniture industry trends in 2017. As per the report, wooden furniture will continue to dominate the Indian furniture industry in 2017 and beyond. The home furniture segment is expected to see the fastest growth over the next couple of years. This will be followed by the office and institutional furniture segments. The major players in the industry are expected to play the biggest part in this regard. Some of the major players in the furniture industry include Nilkamal, Evok, Wipro, Durian, and Godrej Interio. The diverse product range and expanding distribution network of these companies play a big part in the expansion of their markets. On the other hand, there is an increasing number of domestic players and international home builders entering into partnerships with foreign furniture manufacturers in order to improve their product... Read more

The Taste of India: Wooden Furniture & Handicrafts For Everyone

When it comes to rich culture, it seems that no other country can beat out India for the options available. This is because the various provinces and towns all offer a variety of different traditional and modern options. This can be particularly well observed when looking at the wooden furniture and handicrafts that are produced and for sale in each region. Each of these is an amazing and unique piece, but each area of the country adds their own unique little flair, ensuring that their pieces stand out from all of the rest. The tradition of creating handicrafts goes back thousands of years in India, as does the decoration and coloring of these crafts. In many cases, the same family has been making the same items for over a thousand years, with secrets being passed down throughout the generations over the years. This results in unparalleled quality and designs that look too perfect to be real, as they have literally been perfected over hundreds of years, rather than being constrained by the limits of a human lifetime. The same can be said about the furniture being produced as well. Families that have dedicated themselves to the craft are able to produce pieces that are unparalleled in their perfection, making it so that each and every piece is ready to act as a statement piece of a fixture in any given room... Read more

Indian Wood Speaks: See the Country’s Culture & Tradition

Have you ever heard of speaking wood? Sure your mind may turn to a children's story of trees that were able to talk to each other, or an animation on television where trees whispered secrets. However, that type of speaking wood is not the type we are talking about! Rather, it is the incredible ability to allow wood to speak and reveal its heritage and history to people who want to listen. Are you intrigued? Great! Let us tell you a few more details of how Indian wood speaks. Dendroprovenance - A Big Word With An Even Bigger Meaning Dendroprovenance is the technique of determining the origin of a particular piece of wood. Indeed, it is the process of allowing wood to speak, giving it a voice in effect. Different mountain ranges have different amounts of rainfall at different points in history. It is this variation in rainfall that affects the thickness as well as the tree rings. An expert who understands the link between such external factors and how these impact the tree is able to begin to match different wood to different areas. In fact, not only can the area be identified but also the time period. Why Should We Let Wood Speak? The ability to feel at one with nature is an incredible gift which is hard to describe in mere words. It has the potential to relax and rejuvenate the mind and body. Allowing wood to speak is one way of reaching this goal... Read more

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Our expertise is Custom Designed Furniture, Hotel Furniture, Resort outdoor furniture. We are Jodhpur -India based exporters of Custom furniture and Indian furniture, We have gained a very high market reputation as custom furniture manufacturer, and custom furniture exporter.

Redefining the Custom Furniture collection from the land of Royal Rajasthan. We have a wide range of Indian Furniture, Antique Reproduction Furniture, Painted Indian Furniture, Antique Replica Range of Furniture, Indian Architectural Antiques and much more......Classic Silvocrafts is the leading export Company involved in exports of Indian Furniture & Antique Reproduction Furniture Since 1999. It has developed an excellent market reputation for their fine & Exclusive collection of the furniture collection of Indian style and elegance. We have a worldwide supply of our products with extremely fine quality and Elegance. Holding Expertise in producing all types of Custom Furniture

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